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iCerMax™ iSo-SpecSure™
Bulk Tank Filtration
Equipment Filtration
Kidney Filtration
Benefits of Filtration
Gauge Filtration Monitoring
Contaminant Unloading
Algae and Bacteria in Bousers
Prevent Fuel Siphoning/tag theft

About iFleet
The company’s main mission /objective is to cost-effectively address the transformation into Euro 4-5 engine technology within an African environment dealing with engine failures, contamination, lubricity, carbon, emissions, biodiesel, diesel theft and fuel.

Our mission
To assist, prevent failure and extend modern engines life cycles with combating the negative effects of contamination (particle & water), low lubricity and clogging, abrasive carbon with realization of direct cost saving. An additional benefit is the achievement of fuel savings of 5 to7%.

Our Vision
To provide the market with ethical, cost-effective solutions, whilst at the same time improving the environment through less toxic emissions

First and leaders in the market
Combustion catalyst with 94% crude oil base – worldwide patent registered
Automated manual dosing system on multiple equipment - patented
Depth micron filtration with no water sensitivity (bowser and vehicles) - patented
Anti-siphoning device with 4mm armor plate steel - patented
Anti-siphoning on fuel pickup
Automated fuel bowser dosing
Bouser air breather (water and particle contamination) - patented
Fuel tank air breathers on trucks (water and particle contamination) -patented

Functionality, Quality, integrity
Our product range is specifically engineered to be functional and to fulfill our mission – to enable our client’s to lower their operating cots. Our product is of a high quality and is mainly unique, as the many patents we have bear testament to. We deal with integrity and no corruption will be entertained. We are leaders in this field. We are both “copied “ and criticized, but a logic approach and research is our game and that is why our products compliment one another.

Our Achievements

  • 6 international and local patents
  • Own invented fully automated dozing system
  • Eurotipe-SABS (SANAS accredited) tested
  • Toxic emissions and Fuel saving verified)
  • 14 OEM warranty approvals obtained
  • Direct testing with international OEM ‘s
  • Leading tribologist support product claims
  • OEM Scania Technical director: Alec Mack confirms fuel savings in writing
  • HFFR international official lubricity test verification
  • Oil company laboratory report on spec
  • SANS 342:2005 Compliant
  • Laboratories tested (SABS, Wearcheck, Spectracare, Bioservices)
  • Tested on all SA diesel (synthetic, gas and crude) at Eurotipe- SABS

iFleet under no circumstances whatsoever will recommend in anyway whatsoever any changes or any deviation from standard OEM practice, equipment or protocol, nor that any OEM original parts be replaced, nor that service intervals be amended. All clients to adhere to OEM specifications. All actions to be done in full conjunction with OEM.

Product information
All claims made by any representative, sales person or agent that is not on our official website to be ignored and if any misleading statements or claims are made, please direct them to us.

It is the policy of iFleet not to allow any corruption, “specials payments” direct or indirect of any nature whatsoever. If any person, representative or agent is suspected of improper conduct, please contact us. A reward will be paid on positive verification. Corruption is an unfortunate phenomenon in business. Our products are tested and of high integrity and we want to keep it that way.

All comments, suggestions, questions or complaints are gladly received at info@iFleet.co.za

“Perfection is the strive to improve things we already do”

“Efficiency is doing better what is already being done”


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