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Bouser treatment program for “Bacteria in Diesel”
Corrective action

The following procedure is proven, simple and effective:

  • Test for water with water finding paste
  • Drain all water regularly
  • Take a sample from the bottom of the tank. Bacteria are usually concentrated between the water and the diesel.

If bacteria is found:
Carefully pump out the water, sludge and dirty product until clean product runs from the pump, discharge for at least 30 seconds.
Keep agitation of the tank to a minimum.
The waste product is to be disposed of according to safety instructions.
Dip the tank and calculate the waste product for fuel records.

Use the final dip reading (volume of product) and the 400 ml /1000 liters dosage to calculate the required volume of biocide and add this quantity to the product in the tank.

Dosage /treatment rates:

  • 400ml / 1000 liters of diesel is “Bacteriacide”ie kills bacteria
  • 200 ml / 1000 liters of diesel is:’Bacteriastat”ie maintenance dosage where required.

Allow 4-6 hours for maximum effect.
Diarise the treatment date and site details for follow-up action .Two follow-ups are required.

Follow-up Action:
Three months after correction action cleaning and dosing -
Draw a 500 ml sample from the bottom of the tank and send it for a test.
Sample analysis will indicate if or what further action is required, repeat above.


  • To have bacteria growing in a tank you have to have FREE WATER present in the bottom of a tank for at least 4 -5 months
  • Fuel is food for bacteria.
  • Bacteria blocks fuel filters as it significantly diminishes fuel flow through filter media.

Preventative practice:

  • Use iFleet water indicator paste and drain off free water regularly
  • Prevent water and contamination from entering the bouser, use atmospheric iFleet DEPTH micron breather -air ventilation on bouser (particle and water)
  • Dose bouser every six months with iFleet micro biocide

Note that with the decline of Sulphuric levels in diesel there is a trend towards faster and quicker growth of bacteria

IFleet products to address corrective and preventative action

iFleet diesel biocide is:

  • Effective in killing all types of micro – organisms(Micro organisms, bacteria and fungi)
  • Non–corrosive to tank materials, sealants and coatings
  • Multiple soluble- kills microbes in water and fuel
  • Does not form emulsions
  • Highly effective - quick action
  • Lasts up to six months
  • Prevents plugging of fuel filters an fuel lines
  • Guards the bouser against corrosion from microbe influence
  • Ideal for generators or any “storage “ of diesel

iFleet water finding paste turns pink when exposed to water.
Used on the bottom of a dipstick it is a clear indicator of the presence of water

iFleet atmospheric DEPTH micron breather is an excellent way of preventing dirt and atmospheric moisture entering into the fuel bouser. If atmospheric water is eliminated from entering the fuel bouser, it cannot condense during daily temperature fluctuations, thereby eliminating a major source of water contamination in the bouser from ventilation air. Contaminants are therefore prevented form entering the fuel upstream.

The iFleet atmospheric DEPTH micron breathers’ range is designed for bouser and vehicle fuel tanks .It is also important to note that water directly negatively impacts on the lubricity of fuel, read lubricity section

Development of Microbial Growth in Fuels

Effects of water ingression

  • Corrosion of components
  • Degradation of fluid performance
  • Precipitation of additives
  • Oxidation of hydrocarbon fluids
  • Deterioration of fluid lubrication properties
  • Icing at low temperatures
  • Promotion of bacterial mould
  • Lower lubricity

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