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Prevent Fuel Siphoning/tag theft
Combat Injector Failure
Reduce Carbon "Soot"
Coalesce Water Seperator
Reduce Fuel Consumption
Reduce Contamination
Improve Fuel Lubricity
Enhances Biofuels
Reduce Emissions
Ceramic Air Breathers
Fuel Kidney Systems
Open Wax Structure of Fuel
Automated Dosing System
Fuel Evaluation Services
Algae and Bacteria in Bousers


Water Finding Paste

Water indication by use of paste

Regular intervals, especially 2 hours after diesel drop where new delivery had time to "settle" & separate.
Cost effective indicator, simple to use.

Effects of water in fuel:

  • Lowers lubricity
  • Affects combustion
  • Promotes fungal and bacterial growth
  • Corrosion particles

Development of Microbial Growth in Fuels
Water threat to diesel engines

contains a biocide to contain fungal and bacterial growth

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