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Fully automated mechanical dosing system (patented -world first concept)

We realized that we had a severe problem when the largest oil company declined our product due to additional non -recoverable cost implications and the largest fuel user in the country after reaching the following official conclusion "The treated samples performed better environmentally, on consumption and emissions which leads to identifiable and quantitive benefits with the addition of the product"

To exacerbate the problem, acknowledgement for product claims came from various sources, including OEM's and tribologist but all with a common concern. How do we implement this in the real world?

The Answer:
We have developed various dosing systems and registered many patents through the years, as we strived to engineer working solutions, but the greed or need to steal diesel eventually destroyed them. Even the “normal “ anti –siphoning devices are all surpassed by the ingenuity to expropriate diesel. Crowbar, drills, screwdrivers, small suction pipes with windscreen wiper motors are used to “extract “ diesel. Hence the need for us to finally come up with a foolproof anti-siphoning device.

The auto dosing system has all the same functions and characteristics of the
ARMOUR -Anti -Theft/siphoning devices but can also fully automatically dose the iFleet fuel catalyst in any required dosage ratio

On vehicles and moving equipment

The fittings, materials and craftsmanship are of the highest quality and made to work in Africa.

Various different dosing tanks followed, designed to client specifications and the various different applications.

These tanks are application designed and sized to ensure topping up only during service intervals or to client's specifications.

At fuel bouser

Totally automated dosing system that doses additives or biocides accurately into the fuel, at any required ratio. Robust pumps are used and the whole system was developed in-house to accommodate special features, for example:
-Designed not to dose vehicles or equipment that have on board dosing systems, iaw no double dosing.

Mobile bouser dosing

Ideal for automaticaly dosing biocides into diesel for power generators

The benefits are substantial:

  • Fully automatic, no driver intervention whatsoever.
  • Forecourts and bowser applicable.
  • Ensures constant accurate dosing.
  • Incorporates anti siphoning device as standard.
  • Cost effective method.
  • Use in conjunction with BP fuelmaster or e-Fuel.
  • Ensures positive return on investment.


  • Trucks.
  • Bakkies.
  • Mining equipment.
  • Industrial equipment.
  • Power generators.
  • Forklifts.
  • Kalmars.
  • Hire equipment - Especially where third party clients supply the diesel.

How does it work?
The design and patent is the result of over two years of concept testing and research. This is a world first in robust mechanical dosing.

The dosing system is a means to facilitate accurate, cost effective dosing; ensuring realization of return on investment .It is also the easiest way to perform iFleet fuel catalyst testing with no operational impact.

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